Mary Magdalene

This was a gift from the precentor Gregorio del Bozo in 1752 to decorate the new sacristy. It was most likely painted in the late 17th century, which coincides with its frame. It depicts Mary Magdalene with a kindly face as a young woman, leaning against a tree and supported by a rock. She is dressed in a simple white tunic and golden cloak, a far cry from the luxurious clothes she wore before her conversion. Long wavy hair decorously conceals part of her bare chest. She holds a crucifix in her arms in a gesture of meditation. Beside her are three angels bearing her attributes: an open book, a skull and her identifying jar of ointment. Work was done on the painting in 1864 with the contribution made by the Alava Provincial Council to refurbish the sacristy.


Ficha técnica


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