Saint Anne with the Child Virgin

This painting of Saint Anne with the Child Virgin must have been executed in the early half of the 17th century and is probably of Flemish origin. It formed part of the Chapel of Saint Anne, which belonged to the Esquível y Ribas family and later to the Marquises of Legarda, although the Garibay-Lazarraga coat of arms can be seen on the split pediment of the frame.

Saint Anne is at the centre of composition depicted as an elderly woman wearing a tunic and cloak. In her arms is the child Virgin Mary, who is gazing at her mother. They are illuminated by the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove and blessed by God the Father. A magnificent choir of angel musicians and singers accompanies the main figures in the painting. A basket of flowers with roses and lilies, attributes of the Virgin, can be seen at the feet of Saint Anne. The painting has a gadrooned frame from the same time period, although two Rococo-style lateral flaps were added later.

This piece has recently been restored by the Restoration Service of Alava Provincial Council. We therefore know that it was retouched on several occasions, with old repairs to the frame and modifications to the face and clothing of Saint Anne.


Ficha técnica

  • Author: Anonymous
  • Date: First half of the 17th century
  • Technique: Oil on canvas
  • Measurements: 204 x 167 cm
  • Place: Saint Mary’s Cathedral (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

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